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The Capitol government is the main antagonist, which President Snow is the symbol to.

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- President Corlianus Snow

- Cato

- Clove

- Glimmer

- Marvel

That's all I know.

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That would have to be the Capital's president, President Snow

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that capitol and or cato

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Q: Who is the major antagonist in the hunger games series?
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What is it called when two names are drawn to go to games in hunger game?

Suzanne Collins does not answer this question in any of her books, but if I were a rebel while answering it, I would say, "The capitol has the Hunger Games to satisfy the hunger to watch children get slaughtered!" just a fun thing there, but the major answer is no. There is no answer to this question, only Suzanne knows. The winner of the games gets a lifetime's worth of food for their district, thus hunger games

Is Katniss Everdeen static or dynamic?

A dynamic character shows multiple sides and changes which Katniss does multiple time throughout The Hunger Games. First, she is content with coasting through life, surviving on game from the Meadow. Then her whole world is thrown when Prim is selected as tribute. Her life mission is to survive. In the other novels, Katniss struggles with grieving over her father's death and what she feels for Peeta and Gale.

How old is Caesar flickerman in hunger games?

In the first book, the Games Katniss was forced to participate in was the 74th. In Catching Fire, she goes into the Arena again for the 75th and she, along with others, ended the Games once and for all after 75 years

What was katniss' biggest accomplishment in the hunger games?

She accomplished saving her and her families lives, getting District 12 bombed, saving Flavius, Octavia, and Venia, then stops the Hunger Games. There may be more, that's what I remember off the top of my head.

What does postseason mean in baseball?

All the major league baseball teams agree on a schedule of playing among themselves, with each team playing 161 games. Anything that happens after that, the playoffs, the league championships, the World Series is all after the regular season, hence post-season.

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What is the major antagonist from the book the Hunger Games?

mainly its all the other tributes in the hunger games sometimes its even Peeta you could choose what you think the best choice is

What are the major themes and issues from the author of the hunger games?


Is cato a major or minor character in the hunger games?


Where is The Hunger Games movie sold at?

Most major stores starting August 18, 2012

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Is gale going to be in the hunger games movie?

Of course he will be in the movie. He is a main character and a major point of conflict with Katniss and Peeta.

Is the Hunger Games better than the Percy Jackson and the Olympian series?

They are both very good, but for different reasons. Hunger Games is for a slightly older group than Percy Jackson. Percy Jackson has battles and conflict, but it is more lighthearted and joking. It focuses more on friendship, loyalty, confidence, crushes, and other preteen type issues. It does teach a bit about Greek mythology. Hunger Games is more politically oriented. Revolution was one of the major themes, although it also went into topics like loyalty, love, and friendship. It handled it in a more mature manner.

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Who won the 11th hunger games?

SPOILER, Katniss and Pita won the hunger games. Kaleb, lost it in the end to katniss and pita It was pretty good but they missed minor major parts if you know what I mean.

What parts from the book will be excluded from The Hunger Games movie?

Hopefully nothing, because otherwise I am going to have a major beef with the movie producer.

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