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Q: Who is the little girl on iCarly in space?
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Who is the mean girl in iCarly?


Who is the imaginary iCarly Girl?


Is iCarly a girl show?

iCarly is a show for anyone. Meaning anyone can watch it.

What is that girl in iCarly that wanted to get rite of sam?


What is the next iCarly about?

icarly is about a girl named Carly hoo dose a web show with her frind fredy and sam.

What is the topic of iCarly?

A teenage girl hosts a web show with her 2 friends. The web show is called icarly.

Does sam from icarly looks pretty when they dress her up like a girl?

yes she is a girl

What is the the name of the girl that looks the most like sam from Icarly?

Probably, Jennette McCurdy, who plays Sam Puckett on iCarly.

Is There any upcoming movies in season 3 in icarly?

iquit icarly, isaved your life, irace for space, ibloop, ibeat the heat, and ilove

What iCarly was Kristen Rodeheaver on?

i was a pageant girl ep. 55

Who is Samantha puckit?

she is a mean aggressive girl from icarly the show

Who is marinda cosgrove?

she is the girl off of icarly and drake and josh