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The lead singer of Alter Bridge is Myles Kennedyand he is 38 and from Spokane, Washington.

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Q: Who is the lead singer from alter bridge?
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Who is the lead singer for slash?

Myles Kennedy from Alter Bridge

What is the band that sing edge theme song?

The name of the band that sings Edge's theme song is Alter Bridge (it is CREED with a different lead singer). The name of the song is "Metalingus."

What was Myles Richard Kennedy best known for?

Myles Richard Kennedy is best known for being the lead singer in the music band, Alter Bridge. He was also the lead vocalist in Slash's solo project. Myles is also a songwriter.

Who will now be lead singer of the Brooklyn Bridge?

Roy Michaels

What is edge WWE record?

alter bridge . meatlalugus alter bridge . meatlalugus alter bridge . meatlalugus

When was Alter Bridge created?

Alter Bridge was created in 2004.

Who does Edge's new entrance music?

It is "Metalingus" by Alter Bridge. It is "Metalingus" by Alter Bridge

What is the song of edges theme song called?

alter bridge

Is alter bridge a christian group?

No, Alter Bridge Is A Alternative/Metal Band. Alter Bridge Is Made Up Of Members From Creed And The Mayfield Four So If You Have Ever Heard Those Bands You Know That Alter Bridge Is Not A Christian Band. They Are Just A Bit Soft.

Who's the band who does Edge entrance music?

Edge comes to the ring to Alter Bridge's Metalingus.

Did edge return to the royal rumble to the theme coming home By alter bridge?

No, its his theme song "Metallingus" by Alter Bridge.

When was Open Your Eyes - Alter Bridge song - created?

Open Your Eyes - Alter Bridge song - was created in 2004-06.