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Diora Baird

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Q: Who is the hot blonde actress in the movie accepted?
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Who is the blonde actress in the title masters commercial?

I dont know but she is hot.

Who was the hot blonde Blonde girl in Not Another Teen Movie?

Jaime Pressly chech

Who is the Actress who played polly in some early 90s or late 80s teen movie She had curly blonde hair?

Maddie Corman in Seven minutes in Heaven!! Loved this movie growing up. Jennifer Connelly was so hot.

What are the members of the band T-Shirt?

the white hot sexy brunette was ,,, chloe treend , a talented dancer, singer and actress, dont know who the blonde was, she was hot also !!

In the movie he is just not that into you who is the really hot blonde?

I think you're thinking of Scarlett Johansson.

What is the name of the actress in movie 'CROOK'?

Neha Sharma Very Hot

Who is the only actress to appear in all the episodes of MASH and the movie?

Loretta Swit is the only actress to be in every episode of the show, but Hot Lips was played by Sally Kellerman in the movie.

Who is Marilyn man hoe?

marilyn manhoe is an actress ..she starred in shottas a jamaican gangster movie and she hot :))

What college movie has a guy in a hot dog suit in it?

If it's the same movie I'm thinking of, that would be "Accepted" with Justin Long. Good movie, really funny!

What is hot wife rio's real name?

Hot Wife Rio does not list her real name online. She is an adult movie actress that has appeared in numerous films.

Who is blonde in miniskirt?

Tawny Roberts. HOT.

How did actress Maria Montez die in the bathtub in l95l?

The Actress had set up a real hot bath with soap bubbles , allegedly she had a negligee on- and slipped- died of scalding from hot water and water-related exposure. As far as I know this is the only case of a Movie actress leaving this world in the Bathtub. at the time there were lurid newspaper headlines- Actress found dead in Bathtub! one grim humor item was her last movie was- I kid you not- Siren Of Atlantis, both the continent and the actress- sunk. it happened in l95l in Paris.