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Sofia Vergara

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Selma Hyac

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Q: Who is the hispanic woman in xfinity commercial?
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Who is the hispanic woman in the xfinity commericial?

Sofia Vergara, and she is Colombian (not Spanish).

Who is the famous woman in xfinity commercial?

I believe the woman in the Xfinity commerical is Jane Lynch from GLEE

Who is the woman in the Comcast Xfinity commercial?

Without specific information about which Comcast Xfinity commercial you are referring to, it is difficult to identify the woman. Comcast regularly hires different actors and actresses for their commercials, so it is best to provide more details for a more accurate answer.

Who is the woman bodybuilder in the xfinity commercial?

Female Bodybuilder Holly Nicholson looks great in this new Bud Light commercial

Who is the blonde woman in the xfinity tv ad?

Jane Lynch

Who is the actress for the xfinity commercial the future of awesome?

The actress in the Xfinity commercial "The Future of Awesome" is Emily Chang.

Who is waitress in xfinity commercial?


Who are the actors in xfinity Christmas commercial where Santa challenges the Xfinity driver to a race?

The actors in the Xfinity Christmas commercial where Santa challenges the Xfinity driver to a race are Steve Carell playing Santa and David Lewis playing the Xfinity driver.

How do you find the Santa challenges Xfinity driver commercial?

Go to and look it up under "commercial for Santa vs. Xfinity driver."

Who is the blonde actress in xfinity commercial?

Who is the blond actress who does the Xfinity commercials?

Is ray romano the turtle in the xfinity commercial?


Who is the lady with the cat in xfinity commercial?

Jane Lynch