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Q: Who is the highest selling Jamaican artist of all time?
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Which artist has sold the most albums?

The Beatles

Who is the top selling country artist?

the top selling country artist of all time is George Strait with 59 no. 1 hits

What is the top selling artist of all time?


What is the world's biggest selling artist of all time?


Who is the highest paid country artist ever?

Undoubtedly Garth Brooks. He is listed by the Recording Industry Association of America has being the second all-time selling artist, behind the Beatles, with 128 million units shifted.

IsMariah Carey the best selling female artist of all time?


Who is the largest selling Canadian artist of all time?

Leonard Cohen

Which Rap Album is the highest selling of all time?

Poo on you

Who is the Highest selling singer of all time?

Elvis and the Beatles both have plus a billion sales and Michael Jackson is in third with 750 million with the closest artist having less then 250000 below Michael. However Michael is expected to dwarf both the beatles and Elvis now that he is passed away and is selling more.

What are Shakira's total album sales?

Shakira has sold over 70 million albums. She is the highest selling Colombian artist of all time.

Who is the highest grossing male artist of all time?

Garth Brooks

Who is the best selling musical artist of all time?

The Beatles are without a doubt the best selling artist of all time. With the highest number of certified sales (in excess of 250 million) and claimed sales of over 1 billion they are at the top. They dominated the 60's and led the British invasion of British popular music.