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the guy not the girl, why does everyone keep answering with the girls name, anyone can find that out on their own by just googling the song

what they are asking is

"who is the guy who sings..."

no one knows i guess thats why they just keep answering with the girls name who's song it is

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11y ago
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I think it's taht guy from the Katy Perry Music video. Cause I searched it up and it didn't come up with much. So I think it's him. My answer is retty good

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13y ago

It is by Romanian singer Alexandra Stan

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Mr. Saxobeat is sung by alexandra stan

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Q: Who is the guy who sings in Mr. Saxobeat?
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Who is the girl in the background of mr Carter?

I'm pretty sure it's Alexandra Stan (Mr saxobeat) Mr carter and Mr saxobeat are like two of my favourite songs but who is the guy vocalist on Mr Saxobeat?

Who is the girl singing in mr saxobeat?

Alexandra Stan sings the vocals.

When was Mr. Saxobeat created?

Mr. Saxobeat was created on 2011-01-28.

Who sings mr saxobeat with Alexandra Stan?

Fabrizio Levita. He is a German-Italian singer, but he also has English songs.

Why is Daft Punk song Mr Saxobeat not on their album?

Simpy because Mr. Saxobeat was never a Daft Punk song, but was realized by Alexandra Stan in 2010.

What songs did Alexandra Stan write?

Mr. Saxobeat

What song is number one by Alexandra?

Mr. Saxobeat.

How was Alexandra Stan when she made Mr Saxobeat?

She was about 22

Is 'Mr Saxobeat' by Rihanna?

no its by the Romanian singer Alexandra Stan.

Is Mr Saxobeat by Daft Punk?

It's by Alexandra Stan, an Romanian singer.

What is this song stuck in your head?

Mr. Saxobeat, constantly playing in my head 24/7!

Who sings Mr. Bombastic?

Mr Bean sings Mr Bomtastic :D