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Q: Who is the guy that does the xx beer commercials?
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Wasnt Mark Harman the Coors beer guy in commercials in late 70's.?


Who is the bald bearded guy in the sam Adams beer commercials?

Bob Canon. Hot. Started as a temp at Sam Adams.

What beer company created the Man Laws commercials?

The beer company that created the Man Laws commercials is the Miller Brewing Company. The Man Laws commercials were a series of beer commercials that were inspired by the unwritten code by which men live by.

When was They Make Beer Commercials Like This created?

They Make Beer Commercials Like This was created on 2004-07-13.

What do they add to beer in beer commercials?

What do you mean what do they add to it? It's beer. Why would they add something to it.

Where does apuana beer come from? is a Russian beer

Who is the narrator for the Coors beer commercials?

Fred Thompson

Who is Xx NJGS xX?

a funny,cool guy

What is the Mexican beer with XX on its label?

Dos Equis.

Where online can someone find funny beer commercials from all over the world?

YouTube is the best resource to search for all kinds of humorous commercials from past and present. Beer commercials are no exception and freely available for public viewing.

Who plays the big athletic guy and the Chevrolet commercials?

Potsch Boyd is the athletic guy in the Chevrolet commercials.

Who is the sandwich guy?

jarred the guy from the subway commercials?