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Q: Who is the guy in Old Navy super cute commercial?
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Was Mr. T in an Old Navy commercial?

Yes, he is in the new Old Navy, Best Tee commercial.

Was Stephanie Courtney in an old navy commercial?

Yes she was.

What is the song on the old navy commercial about the sweaters?

The way I am.

What commercial did molly sims appear in?

old navy?

What was Miley Cyrus first commercial she ever did?

She was an extra in an Old Navy commercial when she was 9.

Where's the best to buy flats that are cheap but cute?

payless old navy

Clothing for girls?

Go to Justice and Old Navy the have very cute clothes.

Who is the piano player in the old navy commercial?

jordan knight

Who is the black girl in the old navy commercial?

Nicole Serzinger

Who sings the song in the Old Navy commercial this month?


Who is the girl of commercial old navy?

If you're talking about the sundress commercial it's Mayim Bailik from the old show Blossom.

Who is the main model in the old navy sweater commercial?

mandy amano