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The female singer in the song is Melissa Milke, Shawn Milke's sister.

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2009-12-01 22:33:21
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Q: Who is the girl that sings in the third temptation of Paris with Alesana?
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Third Temptation of Paris is a song by Alesana so what's his other 2 temptations?

orangutans and PCP

Who are all the singers in the song Third Temptation of Paris by Alesana?

Shawn Milke, Melissa Milke, Patrick Thompson, and Kit Walters.

Who sings in the third temptation of Paris?

The girl who sings is Shawns sister. And i beilive the other male singer besides Shawn is Pattrick (lead gutarist)

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What songs are based on Greek mythology?

There's this fantastic band called Alesana. Their album 'On Frail Wings of Vanity and Wax' is basically all about Greek mythology. I'm not sure what type of music you're into... they're pretty hardcore. If you're into softer songs, try looking up their song 'Third Temptation of Paris''s about the Trojan War. It's an incredible song.

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