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Q: Who is the girl in video of Marc Anthony i need you?
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When was I Need to Know - Marc Anthony song - created?

I Need to Know - Marc Anthony song - was created on 1999-08-15.

Who has a single 'I Need To Know'?

There are several artists that have a single called "I Need to Know." Some of these artists include Marc Anthony, Kanye West, and Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.

Is the girl in you need a doctor music video the same girl who sings?


Who is the girl in the Whenever You Need Somebody Rick Astley video?

The identity of the girl in the video is unknown. It has been claimed that the girl is Astley's wife, Lene, but they did not meet until the year after the video's release.

Who is that Asian girl in ludacris nasty girl video?

i need to know!

Who is the girl from the music video OneRepublic 'Something I Need'?

Cailin Russo

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Gabrielle Union

Is Anthony Tupou married?

no but todays ur day. you need to shine. ask that boy to marry you you go girl!

Who is the girl in the Professor Green video I Need You Tonight?

Carly Baker.

Who was the girl in trey songz video you need a girl?

some random girl who thinks she is all that just cuz she was in treys presence. she is just another dreamer

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