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I think it's Heather Dubrow a.k.a Heather Paige Kent.

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Q: Who is the girl in the simply red holding back the years video?
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Where was the video for holding back the years shot?

The video for Simply Red's Holding Back the Years was filmed in the North Yorkshire fishing town of WHITBY. People familiar with the town will notice when the scene in the graveyard pans, you can see the whalebones on the opposite clifftop.

What was the 1986 hit for Simply Red?

holding back the years

When was Holding Back the Years created?

Holding Back the Years was created in 1985.

Eight ball mjg Coming out hard old school sample?

simply red: holding back the years

Is the book holding back the sea a documentary?

Documentary is a term reserved for video. Holding Back the Sea is a work of environmental non-fiction.

What group did simply red knock off the number 1 slot with the song holding back the years?

"there'll be sad songs (to make you cry)" by billy ocean

How do you say hi do a boy you like if your shy?

you just simply do it. if you keep holding back

What is the meaning of the song holding back the years by simply red mean?

It was written about the problems he faced because of his mum leaving him when he was 3 years old. Probably only Mick Hucknall knows what the lyrics truly mean though.

What is the name of the male Australian singer with red hair?

Mike Hucknall aka Simply Red 'Holding Back the Years' went to number one in May, 1986

8Ball and MJG song with jamaican beat?

there's two. the bassline comes from Simply Red's "Holding Back the Years". I can't remember the other one

What should I do about this guy I like but there is something holding me back?

well what is holding you back ??

When was Holding Nothing Back created?

Holding Nothing Back was created in 2007.