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Andreanna Veith is the actress in the Education Connection commercial, where she played a singing waitress. She also appeared in the film, Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery.

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Q: Who is the girl in the education connection commercial?
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Who is the girl in the education connection corn dog cart commercial?

Alexandra Mason is the girl in the education connection corn dog cart commercial.

Who is the girl in the 2011 Hyundai Christmas commercials?

Jessica FrechSame girl from the education connection .com commercials

What are the lyrics to education connection commercial jingle?

Education Connection Commercial Jingle: I'm working for an hourly wage I went to High school, Didn't do grades. Still i gotta make more cash more education is what I'm looking at When I get a degree I will make a bigger salary So now I've got to see which college is right for me I went on the Internet and found Education Con-nec-tion I took some free tests To find out my direction I'm taking my classes online Gettin' my degree on my own time Education Connection matched me with the right college for free GET CONNECTED, FOR FREE WITH EDUCATION CONNECTION GET CONNECTED, FOR FREE WITH EDUCATION CONNECTION

Who is the girl in the commercial?

An actress paid by education connection, which is owned by Kaplan University. They try to get you to sign up so they can give your information to Kaplan University. Marilyn Monron There is also another girl, Micaela Johnson. She is also a paid actress.

How can you download the School ASAP education connection commercial song?

I dont think its possible but if u find out plz post it up

Who are the girl singers of the song Education Connection?

Her name is Suzanne Petrela. She is an actor and singer residing in Los Angeles, CA.

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Who is the cute girl in the Education Connection Television Commercial?

Actually - IT IS Andreanna Veith [in the Waitress commercial, not the Pajamas commercial]. Most actors don't list commercial jingles on their resumes online, (ie. IMDB), because it's a conflict of interest. However, if you research her on Facebook, it's obvious that it's her by the fans and comments. The Pajamas commercial actress is Kelly Huddleston: She has a YouTube channel: And here's a video of her: Kelly Huddleston does the commercial standing in front of clips behind her The Pajama commercial of the girl on the bed with the laptop definitely is not Kelly Huddleston even though she is wearing similar pink top and shorts It is Michaela Johnson - confirmed!!!

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