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Q: Who is the girl in the bathtub in the xfinity mobile commercial?
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Who is the girl with the glasses in te Xfinity commercial?

The cute, flexible girl in the XFinity commercial is actress Emily Tarver. Emily has also starred in Damaged Goods and Best Week Ever.

Who is girl in xfinity commercial?

Her name is Ane Trolle. The song is from Lucy & The Cloud.

Who is the blond girl wearing glasses in the newest Xfinity commercial and her husband is on the phone and she does a little dance at the end?

Her name is googleit

Who is the girl in the spice mobile commercial?

Carly Foulkes

Who is the blonde girl wearing glasses in the newest xfinity commercial Her husband is on the phone next to her talking about NO CONTRACT to the cable company?

Emily Tarver

Who is the girl in speed dating in Havertys commercial?

Unfortunately, without more specific information, it is difficult to determine who the girl in the Havertys commercial is. Havertys frequently releases new commercials with different actors, so it's likely the girl you are referring to is specific to a particular commercial.

Who is the girl in the new T-Mobile commercial. The one in the pink and white dress?

Carly Foulkes

What is the commercial with the girl looking around in a pink night gown for her phone and a crazy party is going on advertising?

It's a virgin mobile commercial.

Who is the acress in the t-mobile commercial with derek and the mustang?

the younger girl is cassidy lehrman the girl is the daughter of Ari on the HBO show Enourage!

Who is the white girl in the new 2012 Boost Mobile 4G Genie commercial?

Roberta Valderrama - She's Peruvian

Who is the girl in the deadwood bathtub?

Bethalyn Staples

What are the ratings and certificates for New Girl - 2011 Bathtub 2-10?

New Girl - 2011 Bathtub 2-10 is rated/received certificates of: USA:TV-14