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Ashley Greenfield American actress. Some of her commercials are here

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Q: Who is the girl in the Scotch blue painter's tape commercial now showing on the Tour De France?
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Who is the lady in the scotch blue painters tape commercial?

Amy Matthews. She is on a DIY show called " Sweat Equity"

What are the colors used in the scotch blue commercial?


What are the ratings and certificates for Scotch - 2003?

Scotch - 2003 is rated/received certificates of: France:-12

What is the song in the Dewars Scotch Whisky commercial?

The song in the Dewar's Scotch Whisky commercial has the line "all hail to the drinkin' man!" The song title has not been released as public information.

Does Home Depot sell painters tape?

The Scotch-Blue safe-release painters' masking tape removes cleanly without adhesive transfer or ... It is ideal for fresh paint The Home Depot.

Who is the lady in dewars scotch commercial?

The lady in the Dewar's Scotch commercial is Claire Forlani. She is an English actress who has appeared in various TV shows and movies.

What is the name and artist of the blues song in the new scotch blue painters tape commercial?

I, too, have been trying to get the answer to this song. I have e-mailed 3M to see if they can give me information on this commercial . If , indeed, they e-mail me back, I will share the answer with you. I have received an e-mail from 3M. The song was written soley for their commercial and the artist is under contract to them. They could not give out any information since there are proprieties.

Who is the redhead in the scotch blue commercial?

I think it is Katrina Hawley, but not 100%.

Where could I find some painters tape?

Frog tape is one of the leading tape company and can be purchased online at scotch blue is also a great tape for around the house projects.

What is a scotch neat?

Scotch neat is a scotch with no ice.

What is the song in the Dewars Scotch Whisky commercial that has the line Would you believe Im crawling up the walls again?

PT Walkley - Up the Walls

What is the song in the Dewar Scotch Whiskey commercial that says Hail to the Tin Man?

Sorry! My mistake. The voice says "All hail to the drinking man."