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Q: Who is the girl in the Fallsview casino treadmill commercial?
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Who is the girl by the elevator in the fallsview casino commercial?

Shanly Trinidad

Who is girl in fallsview casino commercial Bosses Daughter?

Erica Cox....Google her image, it's her...

Who is the girl in fallsview casino commercial lucky dog?

The blonde gal in the commercial is ABIGAIL KLEIN, former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader. Not sure who the brunette is (yet!)

Who is tall girl in the latest fallsview casino ad?

Shanly Trinidad

Who is the girl in the black dress ameristar casino commercial?

I have no idea but she is beautiful & hot

Who is girl casino niagara green bikini commercial?

Who is the girl in the green bikini falls view ed

Who is the blond girl walking on the treadmill in the new direct tv commercial?

Anya Monzikova that was on deal or no deal

Who is the girl dancing tango in milk life commercial?

The girl dancing in the commercial is not named. The man in the commercial is Johnathon Kelley.

Who is the girl riding on the sofa in commercial?

who is the girl riding on the sofa in commercial

What is the commercial with a girl stepping into window where people are bbqing?

The commercial where a girl steps into a window where people are barbecuing is an LG commercial. This is a cell phone commercial in which the girl feels she no longer needs her cell phone.

Who is the girl in the Bluesky commercial?

Anna Zielinski is the name of the girl who is featured in the Blue Sky commercial. They commercial was ran by American Express.

How does a 10 year old girl impress a boy when she was fat?

She finds a treadmill and does work on that thing.