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Randolph's god daughter, she falls in love with Jesse

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Q: Who is the girl in free willy 2?
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How many songs did Michael Jackson sing for the free willy movies?

Two. Will you be There for Free Willy and Childhood for Free Willy 2

Did free willy kill a girl?

He was VARY hungry

Was Keiko the whale of 'Free Willy 1' replaced by a robot in 'Free Willy 2' and 'Free Willy 3'?

No, no robot replaced Keiko [1977-December 12, 2003] in any of the films. The orca was the real live whale in 'Free Willy 1' [1993], 'Free Willy 2' [1995], and 'Free Willy 3' [1997]. But he won't be seen in the upcoming 'Free Willy 4: Escape from Pirate's Cove' [2010].

How old is Jason James when he made the movie free willy?

He was 14 years old when he made the movie Free Willy 2

What is the duration of Free Willy?

The duration of Free Willy is 1.87 hours.

Is there Another free willy move?

There is 4 free willy movies

What whale was used in Free Willy 2 and 3?

An anamatronic whale.

Did michael jackson write any songs for movies?

He didn't write any specifically for a movie but Will You Be There was the used in Free Willy and Childhood was used in Free Willy 2.

When was Free Willy created?

Free Willy was created on 1993-07-16.

What actors and actresses appeared in Will Will Willy - 2012?

The cast of Will Will Willy - 2012 includes: Pamela Kahele as Mother Despina Kiriakes as Girl 2 Deanna Light as Girl 1 Briauna Rupert as Girl 3

When was Free Willy captured?

"Keiko" who was featured as Willy in the Free Willy films was first captured near Iceland in 1979 .

What is the plot of free willy the movie?

The plot of Free Willy, is to free the whale from captivity. The character's in the film believe that Willy needs to be released into it's natural habitat.