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Her name is Paige Davis

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Q: Who is the girl in RC Willey Furniture commercials?
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How long has Paige Davis done the TV commercials for RC Willey?

Paige Davis has been doing TV commercials for RC Willey for about 2 1/2 years now.

What states are RC Willey stores located in?

RC Willey stores are located in various states of United States. The stores are located in California, Utah, Nevada and Idaho. RC Willey sells furniture, mattress, appliances, etc.

Who is the girl in the Utah RC willey commercial?

paige Davis

What products are sold by RC Willey?

Some of the products that are sold by RC Willey include furniture, electronics, mattresses and flooring. You can also buy things such as rugs and table. RC willey basicly sells anything to do with your house. An added bonus is their no lemon guarantee, which states that if you repair a product twice in a year and it fails a third time, then RC Willey will replace it for you.

When was RC Willey Home Furnishings created?

RC Willey Home Furnishings was created in 1932.

Who is the girl in the RC willey commercial?

paige Davis

Rc willey credit card requirements credit score?

What kind of credit score for rc willey

Can you apply for RC willey credit card on line?

No you can not apply for an RC Willey Credit Card online. You pick up an application at any RC Willey store and a cashier can have an answer for you within 10 minutes during business hours.

Are there reviews available to read for Robert Michael's Furniture?

You can find reviews about Robert Michaels Furniture from the Better Business Bureau. Mr. RC Willey has written reviews as well concerning the furniture. One can always refer to Wikipedia to get a accurate review about Robert Michaels Furniture.

Where can I purchase office furniture?

You can visit a local office max, office depot, walmart, target, Lowes, RC Willey, or Kmart. Office furniture is not hard to find, but the brand, style, and quality for reasonable prices is at times difficult to locate.

Does RC Willey have clearance sales on beds?

RC Willey sometimes has clearance sales on beds. For the current information, you should refer to there website, or call the phone number to speak to a representative!

Does RC willey take American express?

Yes, we do take American Express on purchases.