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Q: Who is the girl at the dinner table in the bluefly commercial?
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Who is the actress in the Bluefly commercial?

In the one where the girl goes to the party with nothing to wear, the actress is Lisa McMahan.

Who is the girl on the att uverse commercial polite dinner?


Who is the girl in the Zales Jewelry romantic dinner commercial?

Ngahuia Williams

Who is the girl singing in the 10 dollar dinner box commercial?

Kojii Helnwein

What is the girl saying in the sprint commercial at he diner table?

Most dental work

Who is the girl in the zales romantic dinner commercial?

Ngahuia Williams

What is the girl at the outside table saying in the commercial credit score?

turn your head dude.........

Who are the girls in the Lexus December to remember commercials 2012?

Is Paris Jackson the little girl in the 2012/13 Lexus December to Remember Dinner commercial??

What is that one commercial where the dad has really tight blue shorts on and he bends over in the fridge and says Who wants some ice cream to the little Girl Scouts sitting down at a table?

I think it might be the commercial for the girl scout cookie ice cream.

Who is the girl dancing tango in milk life commercial?

The girl dancing in the commercial is not named. The man in the commercial is Johnathon Kelley.

Who is the girl riding on the sofa in commercial?

who is the girl riding on the sofa in commercial

What is the commercial with a girl stepping into window where people are bbqing?

The commercial where a girl steps into a window where people are barbecuing is an LG commercial. This is a cell phone commercial in which the girl feels she no longer needs her cell phone.