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It can be any answer it just depends on who you like the most.

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Q: Who is the first most popular in mindless behavior?
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How popular is Princeton from Mindless Behavior?

Princeton is 2nd most popular out of the mindless behaviour group.

Who is the most popular boy musician?

Mindless behavior

Who is most popular in mindless behavior?

Princeton, then Prodigy, then Roc Royal, then Ray Ray.

Who talks the most on Mindless Behavior?

Princeton is th spokes person of mindless behavior

What corlor girls do mindless behavior like the most?

Mindless behavior likes all girls

Was Princeton the first to be in mindless behavior?

yes even tho prodigy sings most of the time

Who are the most hated band?

mindless behavior

Who has the most girls in mindless behavior?


Who is the most outgoing out of the band mindless behavior?


Who eats the most from mindless behavior?

no not roc but prodigy

Who is most loved mindless behavior?

Ray ray

Who is the most famous boy in mindless behavior?