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Jason kid

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Q: Who is the father of shaniece lozada?
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When is shaniece lozada's birthday?

June 16th, 1993

Who is the father of evelyn lozada daughter?

Jason kidd

Who is Jessica Jarrells best friend?

Shaniece McCoy

What is the birth name of Frances Lozada?

Frances Lozada's birth name is Frances Lozada.

What is the birth name of Evelyn Lozada?

Evelyn Lozada's birth name is Evelyn Alexandra Lozada.

What is the birth name of Johnny Lozada?

Johnny Lozada's birth name is Johnny Lozada Correa.

What is the birth name of Sonia Iris Lozada?

Sonia Iris Lozada's birth name is Sonia Iris Lozada.

When was Agapito Lozada born?

Agapito Lozada was born in 1938.

How tall is Carlos Lozada?

Carlos Lozada is 6' 1".

How tall is Rafael Lozada?

Rafael Lozada is 6' 4".

When did Ike Lozada die?

Ike Lozada died in 1995, in Philippines.

When was Carlos Lozada born?

Carlos Lozada was born on 1946-09-06.