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Faustino Anos

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Q: Who is the father of alfredo moreno anos Sr?
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What did alfredo moreno anos jr invent?

Alfredo Anos Sr. Is the inventor not the Jr. He invented the SOLANOS that won invention of the year.

Who is the Filipino scientist who invented the electric grater?

alfredo moreno anos Sr.

Who is Alfredo Anos Sr?

He is a scientist that contributed a lot for the field of science

Alfredo moreno anos?

Alfredo M. Anos Sr. is known as the godfather of Filipino inventors. He has made more than 44 inventions and innovations that received multi-level recognition. One of his inventions is the Anos fire truck called Patriot, which is a three-in-one package that is a fire truck, a rescue vehicle, and an ambulance all in one.

Who is alfredo moreno anos Sr?

Alfredo Moreno Anos Sr was a Filipino inventor. One of his best known inventions is the 3-in-1 firetruck. Hi this is Randy Bularin, I am the grandson of Alfredo Moreno Anos Sr. As far as I can remember My grandfather was always featured on local TV programs for the inventions he made when he was alive. He was my Grandmother's Brother. That is how I am related to him. he was called the "Godfather of Filipino inventors". I'm trying to locate website about him because I am trying to rearrange our family tree. He was self-educated according to my grandmother, his sister (Enriqueta Anos Kabigting). He didn't reach secondary education but his interest kept him focused on all the thing he loved the most. Inventing stuffs. I am not quite sure why his immediate family is not updating his profile online. If you want to know more about him, try checking local libraries and you will be able to locate at least a biography of him. So far my grandmother was able to manage to keep records and pictures of him. Let me try to collect everything and try to post it. sometime soon somehow. If you want you can contact me at my e-mail for more info. Have a great day.

Contribution of Alfred M Anos Sr?

Bulbol at electric gas stove

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