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Ravi Shankar, by faaaar

he introduced to western culture too

he taught the sitar to George Harrison (guitarist for The Beatles)

another famous sitar player in western music is ronnie wood (guitarist for The Rolling Stones)

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Ravi Shankar taught sitar to George Harrison. He never played in or with the group.

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Ravi Shankar gave George sitar lessons.

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Q: Who is the famous sitar player who played in the beatles?
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Who is the most famous Sitar player in India?

Probably Ravi Shankar (I think that is how you spell it) who taught George Harrison from the Beatles

What instrument did George Harrison play?

The guitar, sitar, and ukelele. George Harrison usually played the guitar with The Beatles but he also used to play the sitar(indian guitar). Guitar, sitar, harrison played lead guitarguitar

What is the most famous song played with a sitar?


What did george Harrison play in norwegian wood?

George Harrison played the sitar, an Indian instrument not unlike an Indian version of a guitar. It was the first time the sitar was introduced to a Beatles record.

What Eastern instrument did the Beatles introduce to rock?

The sitar, played by George Harrison. They also included the tamboura in some of their later songs.

What is Anoushka Shankar most famous for?

Anoushka Shankar is most famous for her sitar playing as well as her musical compositions. Her father Ravi Shankar was a sitar player as well, and was very well known in India

What is the meaning of ravi sankar?

Let's try Ravi Shankar. That was the name of a musician from India who played the sitar. His music had a significant influence on the Beatles.

Which famous Indian musician collaborated on a beatles album?

None did, however, Ravi Shankar influenced George Harrison to learn sitar Several respected Indian musicians played on "Love You To," "Within You, Without You," and "The Inner Light." MP

What instrument did George Harrison play in the Beatles?

The late Beatle's main instrument was the guitar. He was known as the lead guitarist for The Beatles. He was a guitar collector and would buy new guitars often. Some of the brands he collected included Rickenbacker, Guild, Fender and Gibson. Aside from the guitar, he also played the ukulele and sitar, amongst other instruments.

What guitar did george harrison play on love you do?

He played electric guitar, acoustic guitar and the sitar. "Love You To" was the first Beatles record to use Indian instruments.

Should you get a sitar?

The Sitar is a stringed instrument from East India. It was introduced to the west during the psychedelic period of the 1960's and 1970's. Most notably was used by the Beatles on some of their later albums, generally played by George Harrison.

Why is Ravi famous?

ravi shankar is famous for plaing the sitar