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Yves Saint Laurent

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Q: Who is the designer of John Legend's leather jacket and shoes on 106 park on 9-3-08?
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Can you wear patent leather shoes with a leather jacket?

It depends a lot on your face.

What is the wardrobe for The Outsiders?

Greasers wear blue jeans jacket/leather jackets, blue jeans, an old shirt, and for shoes... cowboy boots or tennis shoes (mostly converse) Basically anything that they can get their hands on. Socs wear madras and other expensive clothing. Leather shoes and khaki pants. Designer brand. (the rich kids)

What kind of clothing does Ferrari have for sale?

Ferrari sells a decent collection of clothing including polo shirts, sunglasses, designer leather shoes, watches, and the most famous designer leather jackets.

Is it okay to wear brown leather shoes with a black wool jacket?

i ould say this is a fine looking outfit if you ask me

Different Styles of Designer Shoes?

Designer shoes are not like other regular shoes that are bought at most department stores. Designer shoes are made from pure quality materials from well-known designers, such as Amalfi by Rangoni, Andre Assous, Cordani, and Stuart Weitzman just to name a few. There are over ninety designer shoe manufacturers that sale different types of designer shoes all across the world for men, children, and women. The types of shoes are leather boots for women, high heel pumps, leather dress shoes for men, black microfiber shoes for women, classic lace sneaker canvas tennis shoes, elastique sneaker canvas shoes, plus many many more. All of the designer shoes are well over $50 or more depending on the type of shoe. Canvas tennis shoes can run up to $55, while black leather and suede designer women’s boots can run up to $495. Each type of designer shoes are sleek and chic styles with their own different decorative styles than most other regular shoes. Many of the shoes are made from designers who live in other countries, such as Italy and France. Designers from Italy will have name brand shoes, such as crafted Italian waterproof shoes and boots that are meant to withstand any type of weather conditions. These types of shoes will not cost less than $300 a pair. When you match the designer shoes up to original shoes and boots, a person can see the difference in quality instantaneously. The style and the shape of designer shoes are like none other. Regular types of shoes and boots have a more blander look to them, but designer shoes will have many colors, shapes, styles, and textures to them that gives them their quality look. Most designer shoes will also have different kinds of designs on them that make them look like designer shoes. The quality and the comfort of designer shoes also look prevalent when a person first takes notice of the shoes. Most shoes look awkward until a person tries them on, and finds that the shoes do fit them, but designer shoes look inviting from the get go. Most people are ready to stick their feet in to the slick styles of shoes that are offered at most designer shoe stores. Many of the designer tennis shoes are completely different materials and styles from most regular type of tennis shoes. The designer loafer tennis shoes are made from the best quality perforated style leather that have microfibers, so that your feet can breathe better. The shoes also have Velcro straps that are adjustable, leather padded foot beds for the soles of the shoe that gives people the maximum in comfort, and the shoes also have slip resistant soles. Designer shoes offer much more higher quality materials, and accessories that bring much more comfort for the people that wear them. People may have to spend a little more money when buying designer shoes, but they will be buying shoes that will outlast most regular types of shoes. People who buy designer shoes may not need to buy another pair for two or three years because the materials are built to last.

Who was the first designer to design shoes?

Huffbert, a pre historic man from wessex's around 15,000bc. He used pig skin leather.

What type of cothing starts with letter L?

long johns leotards leather jacket leggings loafers (shoes) leg warmers lingerie

How much do leather shoes cost?

Expensive leather shoes used from crocodile leather is about $70 to $120. Cheaper leather shoes are $50 to $80

What shoes was Bradley Cooper wearing in limitless?

A pair of RM Williams Wentworth boots in black. Pretty much whenever he is wearing that black leather jacket (Diesel 'Lade' Jacket), he is wearing those ankle boots.

What distinguishes patent leather shoes from other shoes?

Patent leather shoes are most distinguishable from other shoes by the material they are made out of. Patent leather is industrially produced leather which has a much different look and feel than traditional leather.

Where can I go to get leather shoes sewed back up?

A cobbler will fix leather shoes.

How can you find out which animal is the source of leather you are buying from any store?

only pig skin leather can be identified by many small holes on it. It is due to deeper hair of pig which marked these holes. So, it is usually used inside the shoes and leather jacket are made. It is difficult to identified other animal leather with naked eyes.