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Tony Sullivan

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Q: Who is the cults tour manager?
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How much does a tour manager earn?

A Tour Manager earn between $1,500.00 and $ 4,500 a week.

What was the Jonas Brothers old tour manager for the burnin' up tour?

their manager has always been their dad and their uncle.tour manager??? i don't know

Who is Fat Joe Manager?

Macho is his manager and his tour manager is Flexs

What does a tour manager do?

The idea of using a concert (band) tour manager is to make sure the tour is running smoothly, all band and crew are happy, performance revenue is being collected and tour-related bills are being paid.

Who is the killers tour manager?

Jeremy Bates

Who is Clinton Andersons tour manager?


Who is olly murs manager?

Olly is with Modest Management! His manager is called Sarah and his tour manager is called Mark Murphy

Can a band manager go on tour with the band?

of course they can!

Who was the eagles tour manager in 1975?

Tom Nixon

Who would be in charge of the company of actors during a major regional tour?

The COMPANY MANAGER would be in charge of the actors and technicians in a major regional/national tour. If the touring company does not employ a Company Manager position, it is likely that the Production Stage Manager would be "in charge" of the actors during the tour.

How do you get in the tour de France?

you have to ride for a team that participates in the tour then your team manager picks 9 riders who he thinks will be good,helpful in the tour.

What is the name of Tokio Hotels tour manager?

David Jost.