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Q: Who is the construction worker on the subway commercial?
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Where do you get the light bulb in poptropica zomberry island?

use the subway pass you found in the construction worker's lunchbox to get through the subway door. then you will find the lightbulb.

A occupation that starts with R?

Road worker, or a road construction worker Road worker, or a road construction worker

What does Hercules flex in the subway commercial?

Hercules flexes his left arm in the Subway commercial.

Is the guy in the Subway commercial the same guy in the Subway commercial?

The guy that is seen in the Subway commercial is Jared Fogle. He began his weight loss journey in 1999. As of 2014, he still appears in Subway ads, but with a smaller figure.

What is the mass of a 1303.4N construction worker?

The mass of the 1303.4N construction worker is 293.02 pounds.

Name of a construction worker?

Construction Schmorganboard

What is the tune on the new Subway commercial?

Subway, eat fresh :P

What is the name of the person who fixes or repairs roads?

construction workers

Who are the athletes in the subway birthday commercial?


Who is the mermaid in the subway commercial?

Aria noble

What commercal is john cena on?

A Subway Commercial.

Is Hayden Panettiere in a subway commercial?