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Q: Who is the commercial person really?
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What is the person who creates the commercial called Like who makes it up Is it the commercial director or?

The person who makes up and writes the commercial is called The Copywriter. Then a director is assigned to the shoot

What is the meaning of commercial portraiture?

A commercial portraiture is a painting or photograph that represents a person, in which the face and its expression is predominant. The intent of a commercial portraiture is to display the likeness, personality, and mood of the person.

How can a person obtain a commercial lease agreement?

A person can obtain a commercial lease agreement by asking their landlord to create one. After this is done, a commercial lease between the tenant and the landlord will be made.

What commercial featured the song in the hall of the mountain king?

The windows phone commercial called really?

Who is the Geico spokesman in the Waltons commercial?

The same person as the actor in Geico's The Walton's commercial.

What do you call the person in the commercial?

Voice-over .

Who is the girl in the kindle pool commercial?

no idea. or really?

Is a person really a person?

Yes a person is really a person, but its whatever your own outlook on it is.

Is the woman in the werthers candy commercial the same person who played in the commercial as a little girl?

She looks like the same lady in the kindle fire commercial

Is the young boy in the commercial really brian urlacher?

No, you dumba$$.

Is mary lou retton really in the pinata in the dq commercial?


Who is the lead actor in the Chase person to person quick transfer commercial?

Eason Chen