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his name is pvt frank pike or in real life ian lavender

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Q: Who is the character with the scarf on from dads army?
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How Many dads army are dead?

over a million army dads re dead

Did Julian Barbari star in Dads Army?


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Who is the protagonist of red scarf girl?

ji li jiang is the protagonist of the red scarf girl. she is the main character as well.

Who played pike in dads army?

Frank Pike was played by Ian Lavender

Where can you watch dads army for free?

try watch free movies online

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How long did dads army run for the tv series not the army?

Dad's Army was on the air from 1968 to 1977. It aired on BBC Television and had a total of 90 episodes.

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What is ji li auditioned for In red scarf girl?

She gets auditioned for Liberation Army Arts Academy.

In dads army what is captain mainwarings first name?

Captain Mainwaring's first name is George

Are all of dads army dead?

No, the character " Pike " is alive. I do not know any about any others. also Jones (clive Jones) also the vicar and also the ARP warden is still alive but i don't know about any others either