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This is the official cast:




Sandra(Pearl Islands)

Parvati(Cook Island and Micronesia)

Russell Hantz (Samoa)


Jerri(Australia and All stars)


Boston rob(Marquesas)



Tom (Palau)

Colby (Austrailia and All stars)

Candice (Cook islands)

Stephanie (Palau and Guatemala)

Amanda( China and Micronesia)

James (China and Micronesia)

Rupert (Pearl Islands and All stars)

Sugar (Gabon)

J.T. (Tocantins)

Cirie (Panama and Micronesia)

There are a couple people i wished would have been added ( Bob the physics teacher, Ozzy) but overall i love the cast! I'm pumped up for the start of it in Feb! It starts on February 11th 2010!!!! ☺☺☺☺☺☺

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Q: Who is the cast of survivor heroes vs villains?
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Where is Survivor Heroes vs Villains going to be?

Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains was filmed in Upolu, Samoa.

When is the release date of survivor heroes vs villains on DVD?

Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains was released on DVD on February 22, 2011.

When does Survivor Heroes vs Villains start?

Survivor Heroes vs. Villains starts February 11, 2010. It has already started (8:49pm)

When is survivor heroes vs villains episode 6?

Episode 6 of Season twenty, Survivor Heroes vs. Villains premiered on March 24, 2010.

Who was voted off survivor Heroes vs Villains after Amanda?

Candice Woodcock was the 13th member of Survivor to be voted off of the Heroes vs. Villains season.

Who was named Survivor Heroes vs Villains fan favorite?

The Fan Favorite of Survivor: Heroes V.S. Villains was Russell Hantz.

Who will win heroes vs villains?

Sandra won survivor heroes vs villians. Sandra is a villain

Does rob die on Survivor Heroes vs Villans?

No, Boston Rob does not die on Survivor Heroes V.S. Villains.

Who is the 11th person voted out of Survivor Heroes vs Villains?


Why isn't survivor heroes vs villains not in hmv or Walmart even though they have it on amazon?

If you can't find Survivor Heroes vs. Villains at those stores, you may be able to find it online or on iTunes.

Which Survivor contestant broke their toe in the first challenge on survivor heroes vs villains?

I believe it was Rupert whose toe was broken in the very first challenge of Heroes V.S. Villains.

Who was the gravedigger on survivor?

James Clement was the "gravedigger" contestant in Survivor: China, Survivor: Micronesia (Fans vs. Favorites), and Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains.