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Bridget blonde

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Q: Who is the blonde tattooed woman from the black keys music video next girl?
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Who is the blonde in nonpoint miracle video?

The blonde you're looking for is Amy Elizabeth Johnston. She was also in a Black Label Society video.

Who is the blonde guy that plays in Jojo's baby its you music video?

Kenny Wormald

Who is the blonde girl in the mob goes wild music video?

Katie Morgan

Who is the blonde female singer with the raspy voice and tattoos on her fingers wearing black angel wings in her music video which sounds like a song out of the 60's?

gin wigmore

Who are the actors in the teenage crime music video?

The name of the blonde guy is Kim Solfeldt

Who is the blonde girl from the music video summer girl-stereos?

her name is Sara Balint

Who is the blonde girl in tiesto's red lights music video?

Anne Marie Nitti

Who is the blonde girl in Glenn Frey's music video true love?

Katy boyer

Who produced the 'Black and Yellow' music video?

The music video for Wiz Khalifa's 'Black and Yellow' was produced by Bill Paladino.

What color is Britney Spears' hair in the Womanizer music video?

Britney Spears' hair is three different colors in the music video for "Womanizer". In the sauna, as the girlfriend of the 'womanizer,' and as a sexy police officer/chauffeur, she is blonde. She wears a black bobbed wig to play a secretary and a burgundy/red wig as a waitress.

Who was the blonde girl in David Cook's music video Light On?

It's Mika Boorem. She was in Blue Crush.

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Michael was the first black artist to have a music video played in rotation on MTV with his music video for "Billie Jean"