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It is not Melissa Ordway. It is Bjanka Murgel is a Canadian actress and model

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= Melissa Ordway =

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Q: Who is the blonde girl in the geico commercial when the cavemen come up on motorcycles?
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What are the Geico commercial songs?

The commercial with the cavemen on motorcycles looking past the girls at a billboard is called "Hurt You" and it is sung by The Sounds.

What TV series was based on a Geico commercial?


Who is the redhead in the geico commercial cavemen motorcycle?

myia mcgalley

When the cavemen come off the motorcycle in the geico motorcycle commercial what song is played?

the sounds - hurt you

Who sings the newest song in the Geico 'Caveman' commercial They are on motorcycles and see a billboard?

The Sounds - "Hurt You"

Are cavemen discriminated against in the Geico commercials?

The Geico cavemen are played by Jeff Daniel Phillips, Ben Weber, John Lehr, and Ben Wilson.

Who is the witch in Geico commercial?

The witch in the Geico Commercial is Jordana Oberman.

What is the painting in a geico office commercial?

are the paintings in the geico commercial real

Who are the actors the play cavemen in the Geico commercial?

John Lehr appears most frequently. Jeff Daniel Phillips and Ben Weber were the first cavemen. Ben Wilson and Jim Rose of Jim Rose Circus also appear.

What is the geico theme song?

if you are talking about the new geico commercials with the cavemen its called "let me be myself" by 3 doors down. if your talking about the other commercial with the money dude, then i think it is by one Micheal Jackson's brothers and other then that i don't know. sorry.

Who is the Geico spokesman in the Waltons commercial?

The same person as the actor in Geico's The Walton's commercial.

Do the Geico cavemen wear make up to look like that?

In the Geico commercials, the cavemen play as actors so they are obviously wearing costume and make-up. They probably have very talented make-up and costume artists.