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Q: Who is the blonde actress in a red dress in the Behr commercial?
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Who is the Blonde actress in the Red Dress in the new home depot Behr Paint commercial?

Jennifer Akerman

Who does the voice over for the Behr paint commercial?

Ed Harris

Who is the actor in the Behr paint commercial?

is George Hamilton in any Behr paint commercials?

Who is the balding actor in the Behr Bragging Rights paint commercial?


Who is the blonde actress in the new behr commercial?

I think it's Rena Sofer (NCIS & Heroes) with blonde hair. Wow, a totally different look for her!

Who is the blonde girl in tom petty's video Don't come around here no more?

Chrissy Behr

What is the background music on home depots latest behr paint commercial?

Shake shake shake, by Bronze Radio Return

What is the birth name of Melissa Behr?

Melissa Behr's birth name is Behr, Melissa Ivy.

What is the birth name of Lexie Behr?

Lexie Behr's birth name is Alexa Ryan Behr.

What actors and actresses appeared in Blue Mountain Light Commercial - 2010?

The cast of Blue Mountain Light Commercial - 2010 includes: Behr Kammer as Kieth Ric Spiegel as Vo

What is the birth name of Winrich Behr?

Winrich Behr's birth name is Winrich Hans Hubertus Behr.

How tall is Lexie Behr?

Lexie Behr is 5'.