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Stevy wonder

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Q: Who is the black male singer that always wears sunglasses?
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Who is this famous black person who has black frizzy hair and always wears sunglasses?

Lenny Kravitz

Is there anything Bruno mars always wears during a concert?

Bruno Mars usually have a hat and some black sunglasses on during a concert.

What the name of that EmoSceneGirl is She has black hair and wears sunglasses on her picture?

George Washington

What sunglasses Juicy J wears on Black and Yellow?

Louis Vuitton Evidence

What sunglasses does Jason statham wear in killer elite?

in my opinion in the scene where he is in the nose of the airplane he wears the oakley inmate.

Who wears dita sunglasses?

Gana Montalen's Managing Director Karan Waraich wears DITA sunglasses only

Is Darth Vader ever wearing all white in any of the Star Wars movies?


What are the sunglasses Giovanni Ribisi wears in middle men?

They are aviator sunglasses.

What brand does James bond often use?

Daniel Craig wears two different pairs of sunglasses in Casino Royale (2006). The first is the Persol 2244, the second is the Persol 2720, which he wears later on in the film.

What kind of sunglasses is Chris Evans wearing in the movie Playing It Cool?

the name of the style of the glasses is called aviator sunglasses

What sunglasses does nick stokes wear?

Nick wears Oakley Dispatch sunglasses.

What does scourge the hedgehog look like?

Scourge looks like Sonic, but he is green, wears red sunglasses , a black leather jacket ,sometimes Scourge wears a crown. He is hot!