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Q: Who is the black guy at the end of easy a?
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Who is one famous good-looking black guy?

easy...denzel Washington

How come there's not even one black guy in grease?

there was a black guy in grease. He's at the end dancing in the final scene in the back of course.

What was the black and white movie at the end of the movie Easy A?

Scarlett's Letter

What is the answer on Lego universe mission 10?

Shoot the spider and not the baron (the guy in black) (Very Easy)

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Can a black guy racially abuse a black guy?


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At the end of the video it shows like a skeleton guy and the screen goes black.

What were the black balls in the bowl in the hunger games?

The black balls in the bowl where that guy look in was the berrys that are poisonous (the ones that katniss and peers try to eat at the end

Who are the main helpers and friends for Harry potter?

a black guy and a white guy, and the asian kills them all. except for chuck norris. they all die at the end of the movie.

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That your easy to Get into bed

Who was that black guy that fought Liu Kang in Mortal Combat the movie?

The black guy who fights Liu Kang was the say guy who faught Tony Jaa in the protector if you ever seen that movie, no idea what his name is but he fights caporia if that's how it's spelled, but watch the movie and look for his name at the end,, (Correction.) That is not the same guy!