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Justin Bieber all the way!

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Aiza Seguerra

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Q: Who is the best looking female adult actress?
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Who is Sasha Grey's boyfriend?

James Deen is Sasha Grey's boyfriend. She is best known as a female actress in the adult film world.

What is Penny Porsche best known for?

Penny Porshe is best known for being an adult actress in various adult films. She was rated the best adult actress in one of her films, and was critically acclaimed in others.

Who was the first African American female actress to win an Oscar for best leading actress?

halle berry

What actress is considered the best looking?

It is a matter of personal preference.

Who is the best Indian dancer in India in female?

Undoubtedly Actress "Shobana".

What is the actress silvina Luna best known for?

Silvina Luna is an Argentine model and actress. She is best known for her appearances in adult theme films and magazines which are most definately not suitable for children!

What is Jamie Hammer known for?

Jamie Hammer is best known as an adult film actress. She has appeared in numerous adult videos and adult web chat sites in which she takes her clothes off.

Who won the best female actress award at the apsara awards?

Merika Talulu Rose Merio

How do you become a famous actress if your not a professional actress?

my best advice for you would be to get some friends and go out to the big cities to find what you are looking for and have confidence

Who is the best looking female?

Megan Fox Hayden Panettiere

Who won the Tony award for best play in 1997?

Best Male Actor: Christopher Plumber for "Barrymore" Best Female Actress: Bebe Neuwirth for "Chicago"

Who was the first hispanic female to win an Oscar for best sopporting actress in west side story?

Rita Moreno.