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Q: Who is the artist that sings the song in the latest sabaru commercial that says this some powerful stuff?
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What year did Subaru come out with the Impreza?

Sabaru came out with the Impreza in 1992. This is a type of car. In 1995, it offered a coupe. This car derived from a Japanese division. This car is a compact automobile.

Does the Sabaru forester 2013 model MY132.5i-s wagon have a chain or rubber timing belt?

This is new car that came with an owners manual. Look in the maintenance schedule in that manual and it will tell you if it has a belt or chain. If no maintenance is required it has a chain.

How do you replace the back lights on a 2002 Subaru Outback?

well...i will answer your question honey. the black lights on a 2002 sabaru outback can be replaced by a little hair or monkey.does this answer yo question dawg? hit me up on myspace NIINII_B4BEZ@YAHOO.COM =D

What kinds of four wheel drive vehicles are there?

Four wheel drive or 4 by 4 are vehicles that have a drivetrain and are more commonly thought of as off road vehicles. Four wheel drives can drive over difficult terrains. Examples are the Mazda CX5, Mini Cooper S Countryman and Sabaru XV Crosstrek.

Where is a good place to find a cheap used Peugeot 307 in Seattle?

Customers can visit Used Car Dealers in Seattle area in person, e.g. Sound Sabaru & Peugeot Used at 250 Rainier Avenue South, Renton. Customers can also sign up the newsletter with all Used Car Dealers in Seattle and even relative websites to search for the latest offers for cheap used Peugeot 307. Big online trading sites like ebay also listed plenty of useful deals and some sellers are based in Seattle. People can also make enquiries within friend circulations in Seattle. Some friends might want to sell their cars or they know someone who wants to sell. Customers can browse the classified advertisings in Seattle local newspapers, such as The Seattle Times and Seattle Weekly, etc.

Who all use use fiat engine?

I can't say all the car makers who use Fiat engines, but they appear in Fiat cars (of course), and some models of Suzuki, Alfa Romeo and Vauxhall. Pretty sure that some Saab models had them too. It costs huge amounts of money to develop a new engine these days, so it makes sense for the manufacturers to co-operate with each other. They then make the engines at one or perhaps two plants, and ship them around to the factories of all participating vehicle makers. Plus VW, Porsche, Sabaru all have boxer engines.

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