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She's a princess from the realm of Downland. She's a perfectionist and a warrior. Her bios:

Name: Princess Amentia of Downland Status: Princess

Realm: Downland

Power: unknown

Weapons: Sword, stick-looking thing, star-shaped blades.

Hair: Dark black

Eyes: Brownish-orange

Birthday: January 27

Age (of First Appearance): Between 15 and 27

Current Age: Between 15 and 30

Color: Red, yellow, orange, brown, pinkish-peach

Friends: unknown

Best Friend: unknown

Romantic Interest: Sponsus (used to be Brandon)

Family: Enervus (father), Quoeda (mother), Sponsus (husband)

Amentia, princess of Downland, is obsessed with perfection and tidiness. She is ruthless in pursuit of her goals and impolite in manner, much unlike a fairytale princess. She is an excellent warrior, however, and fights with determination and conviction to the very end.

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Q: Who is the amentia on winx club everyone is talking about?
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