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Allison Shiffler

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Q: Who is the actress that sings in the pink lemonade commercial for 5 hr energy?
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Who sings truly scrumptous in the Truvia commercial?

Ebony Buckle is the actress and singer on the commercial.

Who is the actress who sings in the target back to school commercial?

bridgit mendler

Who iS the actress that sings waterfalls from the state farm commercial?

This is Kymberlie Stansell, from Lake Forest, Illinois.

Who sings the lemonade mouth songs?

Bridgit Mendler sings the songs in the movie "Lemonade Mouth".

Do Vanessa Hudgens sing on lemonade mouth?

No she never appears or sings on lemonade mouth

Who sings the song in Shaun White's clothing line commercial?

Free Energy "Dream City"

Who sings txu energy commercial song?

Camille Cortinas did one a few years ago.

Who sings Somebody?

Bridgit mendler/ lemonade mouth

Who sings song with lyrics end of the world in pepsi commercial?

the song is called "Energy" by "The Apples in Stereo"

Who sings the 5 hour energy commercial song I'm so tired?

Boo Boo Davis

Who sings in 2009 Chevy transverse commercial?

Mary J. Blige sings in that commercial.

Who sings Change The World in the Energy Star radio commercial?

I'm pretty sure it's Andie MacDowell.