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Abigaille Ozrey might be the actress you are referring to in the Security Alarm Now commercial.

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Q: Who is the actress in the security alarm now commercial?
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Where can I find a good broadband security system?

You can look at protect America or next alarm. Both are broadband security. Next Alarm is one that operates with a cable modem and you don't need to change security systems you have now.

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There are several advantages to a security alarm system. Alarm systems can now be used to notify you via sms in the event of an opening or closing (notify when your kids get home from school) an actual alarm, a fire or carbon monoxide or gas leak, not to mention that 80% of all convicted burglars said they would not attempt to break in to a premise with an alarm system installed.

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i want this answer i want this answer

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Both Alarm force and CPI are reputable companies that offer excellent security monitoring systems. As of now, Alarm force is offering a $0 down, $25/month live 2 way wireless voice alarm installation. CPI is offering a $0 hardware charge and $1/day fee.

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Removing the battery has immobilized the car and this security feature can be turned off with your key fob alarm controller.

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