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Marisol Melendez

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Q: Who is the actress in the riverwind casino commercial?
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Who is the blonde in Riverwind commercial?

I think it is Cara Cooper

Who is the female actress in the Foxwoods Resort Casino unzipped commercial?

She is not actually an actress. She works for the Casino. I believe she works either in Promotions or Communication Department. This was shown and she talked about the commercial at the last Employee Quarterly meeting ANSWER This is not true. I am actually an actress and I was hired to do the foxwood casino commercial. I do not work for the promotions or communication department, and no I did not speak at a employee meeting last Quarter.I had a great time shooting the commercial and loved the outcome!!!!

Who is the actress in the Ameristar Casino pulse commercial?

Katrina Law, she stared in the Starz original series Spartacus : Blood and Sand - Very good actress and hot as hell!

Where is the River Rock Casino located?

The River Rock Casino is in California. Located in Geyserville on the Dry Creek Rancheria, it has stunning views over Alexander Valley. This Casino is the most accessible to residents in the surrounding areas including San Francisco Bay. They offer a complimentary valet parking service.

How many pages does Riverwind the Plainsman have?

Riverwind the Plainsman has 313 pages.

When was Riverwind the Plainsman created?

Riverwind the Plainsman was created on 1990-03-31.

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Kristen Carpenter is the actress from the Cable One commercial.

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