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Q: Who is the actress in the multimaster infomercial?
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Who is the actress in the dragon naturally speaking infomercial?

The actress in the Dragon Naturally Speaking Infomercial is Kate Paulsen. She has performed in many other commercials and also in film and theater.

Who is the brunet actress in the ultimate edge infomercial?

Liz Fye

Who is the blonde actress in the magic bullet infomercial?

Mimi Umidon.

Who is the model or actress in the Cami Secret Infomercial?

Her name is Allison Mosier.

Who is the spokesperson in the Derma Wand infomercial?

The spokesperson in the Derma Wand infomercial is Christina Boves. She is a model and actress who promotes the benefits of the Derma Wand for skincare in the infomercial.

Who is the woman in the Video Professor infomercial?

It is not known who the woman in the Video Professional infomercial is. Sources say she is an actress from Delaware who appears in short commercials and informational ads. She is considered a stock actress, which means she appears in a variety of advertisements and commercials.

Who is the actress in 70s Music Explosion by Time-Life infomercial with Barry Williams?

Answerelizabeth shue?Erica Shaffer

Who is the blonde fitness actress in the total gym infomercial?

Total gym infomercial with Chuck Norris? That would be Christie Brinkley. Ex-wife of Billy Joel and ex-wife of the guy who cheated on her with that young chick? She's a model. or was.

Where can one purchase a Fein multimaster?

The Fein Multimaster is a tool used by many contractors or persons completing renovation projects. Fein Multimaster tools can be purchased at Home Depot.

What is the meaning of the fein multimaster?

When a eprson is looking for the best in multimaster technology then the best of the best is always a Fein. the fFein multimaster is the best one in its class. beacuse its built to last.

Are Multimaster tools available in hardware stores?

Multimaster tools are most definitely available in most hardware stores. Stores such as Lowes and Home Depot offer these Multimaster Tools for great prices.

How do you get your product on infomercial television?

how do you get your product on infomercial television