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Jesse Teeters is the actor in the Tide Princess Dress Commercial.


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Q: Who is the actor in the tide commercial?
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What is the name of the song heard in the Tide commercial featuring a man and his baby in bed?

the name of the tide commercial is "Family".

Is Cassie Steele in the new tide commercial?

Yep! Cassie Steele (Manny Santos in Degrassi) Is in The Tide commercial.

Who is the actor in the lowe's valspar commercial?

Actor in valspar commercial

Who is the actor on the aarp commercial wearing a suit?

Eho is the actor on the aarp commercial

Who is the actor in the bresnan tv commercial?

Josh Holloway is the actor in the Bresnan commercial.

Which is the most expensive Tide commercial?

Tide commercials are very popular in the United States. The Superbowl held in 2013 showed a tide commercial featuring a stain on a football shirt which resembled the famous football player Joe Montana. Tide paid approximately $4 million dollars to show their commercial during the break.

Is the father on a recent Tide with Actilift commercial the same actor playing the football coach on Glee?

When I saw that ad on youtube, I thought it was her, too. I'm not sure, but it's definitely possible.

How to keep my clothing from fading?

you can make it not fade as fast by using tide color wash detergent.....havent you seen that commercial..tide commercial...hope this helps you

Who is actor in new droid razor commercial?

Jason Gerhardt is the actor in the new Droid Razor commercial.

Who is the actor in the other National Car Rental commercial?

The actor in the National Car Rental Commercial is Sean O'Bryan. He is in the commercial where they are playing football.