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Liev Schreiber

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Q: Who is the actor in the nicoderm cq commercial in the sports bar?
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What songs are played during the sports bar scene in Rose Red?

There are a few songs that are played during the scene in the sports bar during the film Rose Red. They are In the Mood by Joe Garland, Theme From A Summer Place by Max Steiner, and Pennsylvania Six-five thousand Moonlight Serenade by Glenn Miller.

What is the title of the music in the new Disaronno commercial?

My Best Guest Loneliness(Chill House Mix) by Blank & Jones, Buddha Bar IX

What was the car commercial where the woman parallel parked her car between motorcycles and said to the motorcycle riders who were watching Thanks for keeping your spot boys?

I have seen that commercial and I do know it is for a bar & grill restaurant. I am not sure which restaurant though, sorry!

Who is the blonde actress in the new bridgestone tire commercial?

It's Adrienne Ferreira She's gorgeous. >>Other user: Actually its Bar Paly -The hot girl is named Bar Paly. She is a model from Israel. I predict she will soon be known as the Other Bar. Bar Paly is near perfection. >>Response: Bar Paly is beautiful, but in the three Bridgestone Fan Mail Commercials, Adrienne Ferreira stars with Fred Couples. Her name is listed on their site and on the official videos. Check out the links here and below to see her! In truth you should be less hasty, While Ms Ferreira is in Fred Couples, commercials it is the amazingly beautiful Bar Paly in the "Your money of your life" Bridgestone commercial.

Where is the girl mountain biking in the nature valley granola bar commercial Somewhere in Colorado?

The girl is Luba Bocian and she is riding in the mountains of Aspen Colorado. She has a website

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Who is the actor who plays the genie in the Kellogg's Fiber Plus Bar commercial?

The Scottish actor in the Kellogg's Fiber commercial is Kieron Elliot.

Who is the actor in the 3 musketeer's candy bar commercial?

Orlando Bloom.

Who is the guy with the handlebar mustache in the Heineken commercial?

Tom Martin is the actor in the handle bar moustache commercial

how are where can i apply for a free grant for a sports bar in houston?

where can i a grant for a sports bar in houston

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You can find commercial bar supplies at stores like Costco and Sam's Club. Websites such as also sell commercial bar supplies.

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A sports book bar is just like a regular sports bar but you can bet on sporting events happening all over the country and even the world.

What is a good sports bar to have a birthday party at in Jacksonville, FL?

The Scoreboard Sports Bar & Grill in Jacksonville is a very popular Sports Bar, featuring large screen TVs and a DJ.

Who is the actor in the fiber plus cereal bar commercial?

Todd Anderson sithtrinity notes - Kieron Elliott (look up via IMDB - he's there) He also answered a Yahoo Q/A similar to the one here.

Is there a picture of actor Omri Katz' bar mitzvah?

No, there isn't.

Which film was the debut film for Jackie Chan as an actor?

Big and Little Wong Tin Bar as a child actor.

Who is the wife from the bridgestone tires commercial?

Bar Paly

Who is the girl in the klondike bar commercial?

heidi klum