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Eddie Kaulukukui

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Q: Who is the actor in the infiniti 150 factory of life commercial?
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Who is the actor and spokesman in the New York Life AARP commercial?


What is the name of the actor in United Healthcare commercial?

Nobody knows. He left this life exhausted before anyone could find out.

Who is the actor in the htc commercial who is trying to forget?

It sounds like Ari Gold from Entourage, his real life name is Jeremy Piven.

Who is the actor in new sprint commercial at dinner table?

He's Brian Stepanek. Actor in Disney's "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody" also acted as a "Sector 7 agent" in Transformers movie.

Who is the actor in the depends silhouette commercial other than Harry Hamlin?

Lisa Rinna is the woman with Harry Hamlin in the commercial. They are married in real life and she is currently reprising her role on Days Of Our Lives.

What is the duration of An Actor's Life For Me?

The duration of An Actor's Life For Me is 1800.0 seconds.

When did An Actor's Life For Me end?

An Actor's Life For Me ended on 1991-12-19.

Is the actor who sings in the Nissan commercial about the most wonderful time of the year the same actor who appears in the insurance commercial as mayhem?

Definately not. You are thinking of the established actor who cut his teeth as the shady O'Reilly on HBO's Oz with real life brother (Good Will Hunting's How you like those apples?). The man apparently singing Most Wonderful has answers of Andy Williams and somebody name Levi. In short no.

Is the actor in Cymbalta commercial same man who played john Ryan in ryans hope?

Bernard Barrow was born in 1927, so he's a little old to be in a commercial his bio ends in 1993, I assume he died. The actor is Michael Lowry who has appeared in many soap operas (All My Children and One Life to Live, etc).

Who is the boy in the foundation for a better life commercial who returns the lady's purse?

I've looked everywhere for the answer to this question and have come to the conclusion that either this is all he plays in or that Foundation For a Better Life does not want to disclose their actor's names. :(

What is the name of the actor who is hanging on the telephone in the Cingular commercial?

Not sure if it's him, but it kind of looks like Adam Kaufman. he is in the ABC family movie "Hello Sister, Goodbye Life."

Who is the male actor on the 2009 Life Alert Commercial?

the old guy who looks like Pete Seeger is Ben Dover 1930's pornstar who was born Rudolf D'Shmuclhauser