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Michael Cavanaugh

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Q: Who is the actor in the Progressive commercial that says everything gets better with age?
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Who is the actor in progressive rain commercial?

Gil McKinney

Who is the actor in progressive commercial jeans?

Donovan Frankenreiter

Who is the actor in the progressive commercial with the centaur?

Joe Rowley.

Who is the actor that juggles chainsaws in progressive commercial?

Jeremy Renner

Who is the actor who says perfect hair in the progressive commercial?


Who is the actor in the Progressive Insurance commercial who plays Santa Claus?

donovan Scott

Is the guy in the Progressive Ins commercial also Keith Stone?

No. Two different guys. "Keith Stone" is actor Mitchell Jarvis. The Progressive guy is actor John Jenkinson.

Who is the progressive commercial actor who say it just gets better with age?

No answer to who it is, but it's, but it's GEICO Insurance not Progressive. Actually it is for Progressive.His name is Michael Cavanaugh and he has been around a long time.Been on countless TV shows.

Who plays big money in the Progressive Insurance commercial?

The actor's name is Southey Blanton.

Who is the male actor in the Progressive motorcycle insurance commercial V-Twin?

Tim Griffin

Who is the actor in the progresso commercial?

If you mean Progressive Insurance, her name is Stephanie Courtney. She has also been in a commercial for Skittles and Glade. More can be found at She has quite a following.

Who is the actor that looks like Frank Gorshin in the Progressive commercial who says it gets better with age?

It is definitely Michael Cavanaugh on the Progressive commercial. I thought it was Frank Gorshin so I did some research. When I read Cavanaugh's bio on and saw he did work on the A-Team tv series, I remembered that being where I saw his face. You can do an image search for Michael Cavanaugh on google or yahoo to confirm.