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He's an American actor called Mel Shampain. I don't think he's done much, from what I can see

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Q: Who is the actor in southern comfort beach commercial?
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Who is the actor walking on the beach in the southern comfort commercial?

The actor walking on the beach in the Southern Comfort commercial is an Australian actor named Angus McLaren.

Who is the guy walking on the beach in the Southern Comfort commercial?

Gregory White. Also in the McDonald's commercial where he advises the younger guy to buy the 20 piece nuggets and share them with the lovely young woman.

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Who is the Guy in the Southern Comfort AD walking the beach?

If it isn't Dennis Franz..... it should be.

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eric malebranche

What beach was the 2012 Southern Comfort beach ad filmed on?

I dont know for sure but it looks like Mounda beach in Kefalonia, Greece. I'm probably wrong and its nowhere close but I came online looking to answer the same question as the beach looked familiar to Mounda.

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If you are referring to the commerical where the guy is walking on the beach with his dog, I have no idea who the actor is. But, have you noticed the couple he meets on the beach also walking their dog? It's the same guy from the COPD commerical. I've seen other answers to this question saying that the actor's name is Philip Brown. I want to know the name of the woman me meets in the second half of the commercial.

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