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It is Jacob Perez and hes in a group now named mindless behavior. His nickname in the group is Princeton

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Q: Who is the actor for cupid in Cupids Chokehold from Breakfast in the US?
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Who is the kid in cupid's chokehold video by gch?

His real name is Jacob Perez but he in known as Princeton in the band Mindless Behavior

Is cupid's chokehold about Katy Perry?

No, Cupid's Chokehold is not about Katy Perry. The song is actually a remake of a song called Breakfast in Americawhich was written and composed by Supertramp co-founder, Roger Hodgson. This song was the title track of Supertramp's enormously successful album, Breakfast in America, which was released in 1979. The album went on to sell over 20 million copies worldwide.Roger left Supertramp in 1983 but he is the singer/songwriter and voice of the band's greatest hits to include not only Breakfast in America, but also The Logical Song, Dreamer, Give a Little Bit, Take the Long Way Home, Fool's Overture, It's Raining Again, Hide in Your Shell, and continues to tour worldwide. Info at: or

Who is Coop from Charmed?

"Coop" is short for for the character name "Cupid" who appeared on the show in Season 2, Episode 10. The episode was named "Heartbreak City," and originally aired on January 20, 2000. Source: "Charmed: The Complete Second Season" DVD boxed set, copyright Paramount, A Viacom Company. ISBN 1-4157-0775-8 Also see: Actually, Cupids are the known cupids, a race of magical beings and Coop is just one Cupid. Coop is the name of a Cupid who appeared during season 8 and later became Phoebe's husband, having three daughters. There was another CUPID appearing earlier in the season, but his name wasn't Coop.

The song sounds like da da dum ddd ddd ddd da da dum?

zombie nation ;] look it up at

When did Fuzzy Cupid die?

Fuzzy Cupid died in 1976.