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Nasir Ali was a servant in Kohistan house. His family has worked for the Maharaja's Descendants for seven generations and he is also entrusted in finding the Aagnee Ruby. He was also very attached with Amina's parents , after their death he became rude like Uncle Hamid. He played a supporting role in the novel and without him , the novel would be incomplete.

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Q: Who is the NASIR Ali in Aagnee ruby?
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the mystrey of aagnee ruby means a curse or a unknown thing about the aagnee ruby.

When was Nasir Ali born?

Nasir Ali was born in 1959.

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The Mystery of Aagnee Ruby is a book by Maha Khan Phillips. The book has a Facebook page but so far no one is planning to make it a movie.

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M. Nasir Ali has written: 'Tazkra shahadat hazrat e hussnain'

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Maha Khan Phillips wrote the story.