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Rooney the last time I checked

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demi lovato

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Q: Who is the Jonas Brothers opening act?
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Will anybody be opening up for the Jonas Brothers in Universal?

they will have an opening act, for the concert i went to the opening act was Rooney.

Are the Jonas Brothers the opening act for Hannah Montana?


Who is Miley Cyrus opening act?

Usually the Jonas Brothers

What singer tours with the Jonas Brothers who is not a Jonas brother?

Camp Rock star Demi Lovato is the opening act on the Jonas Brothers' tour.

Who did the Jonas Brothers tour with on the when you look you in the eyes tour?

The Jonas Brothers opening act on the "When You Look Me in the Eyes tour was the band known as Rooney.

Who is the opening act for camp rock 2 tour?

The Jonas brothers and Demi Lavato.

Who is opening for the Jonas Brothers in NJ?

honar socity is opening 4 the Jonas brothers this tour

Is wondergirls touring with the Jonas Brothers?

yes they are!! they are opening for the Jonas brothers!

Who is Justin Bieber's opening act on his your world tour in 2010?

Honor Society and Jordan Sparks they are the opening act For the "Jonas Brothers"

Who is the opening act for the Jonas brothers in 2009 summer tour in Ohio?

i went to the Jonas brother not to long ago this year and jorden sparks honer socity

When was the Jonas Brothers first tour?

The Jonas Brothers first tour was when they were three of New York. The guide was mean.

Where do the Jonas Brothers stay more?

The Jonas brothers broke up the act. They live in Hollywood.