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Francia Raisa

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Q: Who is the Bengali Girl model in so big by Iyaz?
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What is the girl name in so big by Iyaz?


Who is the girl who were in Iyaz video so big?

The girl in the music video of So Big is Francia Raisa

Have Big Time Rush duetted with IYAZ?

Yes. In "if I ruled the world" iyaz had a small part.

What does Iyaz say at the beginning of so big?

Then there's a boy named Iyaz, now I wanna do it up (so big), party it up (so big), spend it up (so big), so the whole world know my love for you.

What is big brother in bengali?

big brother

What are the songs played in the episode of Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 aired June 3 2007?


Why Bengali women wear big bindi?

symbolise that they are Bengali or to symbolise that they are married or just for fashion Save

What is the name of the bengali movie which has been copied from the Hindi movie DON?

All Bengali movies have been copied from the movie 'Don'. But none of them were a big hit because they were in Bengali.

Who many albums?

Iyaz has 3 albums and 3 eps. Iyaz`s 1st album was Replay: The singles were Replay, Solo, So Big, Friend and OK. Then he released Replay: Deluxe Edition, and then My Life: The singles are Get Away and At Last

How many songs did Iyaz make?

11 they are Friend, Reply, Solo, Heartbeat,Ok, In my streets, My hood, dancer Bulletproof,Fly away and so big=)

Who is the female model in the Big in Japan video by Alphaville?

please anwer the question, is very a very nice girl....rianna

What are some new big time rush songs?

yes. they are: Show Me Music Sounds Better With You ft Mann All Over Again No Idea Cover Girl Love Me Love Me If I Ruled The World ft Iyaz Invisible Time Of Our Life Superstar Your Not Alone Elevate Epic and Blow Your Speakers